Methuen Access

Methuen Access

Tenney School Parking facility…ADA Compliant?

By Sid Harris
August 25, 2023

The Methuen Public School recently revamped the parking area of the Tenny K-8 School. It appears more parking was made available in this area which was badly needed.  My previous concerns about access in this area I thought would be addressed but here we are again. The question once again is, is this area ADA Compliant?   Below I give examples of the forgotten.

It is important for corner locations to be modified in order to comply with ADA regulations. It is noticed that there are three corners that still need to be updated. These corners require curb ramps in order to ensure accessibility for those using the public sidewalk.

There are several regulations set in place that require these ramps. It is important to use common sense and think about how individuals using the sidewalk access these corners. Without curb ramps, it can be difficult for those with mobility impairments or those using assistive devices to navigate these corners.

Therefore, updating these corners to comply with ADA regulations would make these sidewalks more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

Quick note:

The state of Massachusetts has uniform signs that are required for all accessible spaces. Methuen has an ordinance that mirrors that requirement.   

Furthermore, one space is required to have a sign that designates a space as being “van Accessible”

Over all: nice job!

It’s wonderful to have an access aisle from the parking facility that leads to the playground and fields. As this area falls under a public service area, an accessible parking space is a necessity for all. It’s important that we ensure everyone has a comfortable and secure experience while accessing the amenities in this area. I kindly request that the city keep this in mind while planning parking and help maintain the accessibility of the area for all. 

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